Thursday 25th March 2010 Scone.

We went for a drive to Barrington Tops National Park today, a long way to go for not a great deal to see, but it was worth it. We were almost halfway into the trip when we realised where we had heard about this National Park when we saw a rock that was shown on a travelling show on telly, it was a conspicuous rock in the shape of a penis and we gathered this was why it wasn’t advertised on any of the brochures. It was only by luck that I spotted a sign ‘The Rock’ and reversed back to see what it was when it became apparent. When I said there wasn’t much to see, apart from ‘The Rock’, there were only a couple of lookouts with short walks, and then there was an area that I reckon that Arboretum at Wellington got his ideas about for the fern gully with the artificial canopy. There was one walk through a rain forest that had a great example of ferns under a natural canopy that was well worth the time. The forest itself was a little different with a moss growing over most of the trees that we haven’t seen to that extent yet, so I guess all National Parks, although some seeming similar, do have there individual differences.