Forbes, and a bit of bush bashing.

Friday 6th November 2009, Forbes.

Nangar National Park was the order for the day, and it was a day with a difference. Looking at the brochure it turned out that it as well didn’t have any bush walking, except for one too long and hard to consider, but instead 4 wheel drive track to a lookout at Mt Nangar, so it turned out to be a boy’s day out for me doing my first major 4 wheel driving since buying ‘Tilly’, and it was hang on and near panic by Linda. All in all it was a good day out, for both of us that is, and a good rinse for ‘Tilly’ when I got home to get rid of the dust.

Forbes, a dissapointing day.

Thursday 5th November 2009, Forbes.

This is a nice caravan park we are in at Forbes, Country Club Caravan Park, and gives the impression that when built it would be one of the very few parks built by someone that has lived in a caravan, with sites being quite large, covered in fine blue metal for low maintenance and large grass areas around the sites. One of the only problems I can see is that the sites are that far apart it restrict the ease of meeting others as we are not as close as normal. While here we had the intention of visiting some of the National Parks and such for some bush-walking so a visit to the information centre was in order yesterday, but unfortunately the women running the centre on the day didn’t seem to know much about what the visitor wanted and we basically had to find the brochures ourselves. One place we wanted to visit the Back Yamma State Forest so it was on the agenda for today, but when we got there we found it only had forestry roads and no walking tracks as such, so consequently, apart from filling in a couple of hours 4 wheel driving, the trip was a waste of time. We did consider that this would be the case as we approached the area as there was no signage to get there, and this is normally a good indication that no one visits anyway, which definitely seemed to be the case. Oh well never mind there are a couple of National parks we are going to visit and with brochures on these giving directions we are sure we won’t be let down as we were today.


Monday 2nd November 2009, Forbes.

As much as we liked Warren as a nice tidy little town, not much to do there so three days was enough, I am still a bit peeved with the fact that the park owners put us on the site they did and I spent so much time every day cleaning the bird droppings off the caravan. This was a big deterrent from enjoying our time there, they did have a bar-b-que on Saturday night which was a welcome change, we haven’t stayed at a park that does that for a while. We have now moved to Forbes about 230K south along the Newel Highway (see map), and plan on being here for a week. We have tried a different park than we stayed at last time here and it does seem ok, although the high 30’s temperatures takes a little away from anything, and it is in the midst of an industrial area so it may get a little noisy during the day, but I’m sure that won’t be too hard to take.