Leeton, Rememberance day.

Wednesday 11th November 2009, Leeton.

We have decided to keep our visit here short as being a nice place we can see that we will come back here in the future when on our way either north or south along the Newel Highway. The usual is happening with us now being close to Melbourne and home, grandkid, sickness is starting to set in, so we are now looking forward to getting to Melbourne. We had a look around at a State Forrest just south of Yanco that is on the banks of the Murrumbidgee river that the locals raved about, but we decided that the area would have more interest to the locals for being picnic and recreation areas than to tourists unless they are interested in fishing, it was worth the trip to have a look at it anyway. We also went to the rice factory tourist centre for a look and that was very informative, as one generally take the production of that sort of thing for granted, and we were surprised to find out how the drought is effecting the production, or lack of, rice in the district. Now we are semi-packed ready for another move tomorrow.