Saturday 31st October 2009, Warren.

We have now moved to a small town of Warren (see map) north west of Dubbo, a small detour off the Newell highway to the west at Gilgandra. The reason for coming here was just for the sake of going somewhere different, and not wanting to stop at Dubbo, we have heard too many negative stories about Dubbo lately. We unfortunately didn’t get to do what we wanted to do at Narrabri, like going for a few bush walks in the Mt Kaputar National park, because we had too much rain and it wouldn’t have been much fun in the wet, but we did have a relaxing time while there. Once again we stayed there for a week and the time just flew so quickly. Warren: From what we have seen so far seems to be quite a nice enough little town, looks like it was quite prosperous in its time, and we could have enjoyed some time here, but we can only afford a couple of days at this time. We have had a couple of bad experiences though with the caravan park, but nothing drastic. It is quite a nice park with large lush grass sites, good clean amenities, friendly management and close to town. The thing that I overlooked though was that she parked us under a big gum tree, the thing I normally request not to do, and it turns out the gum tree is a roosting place for all the local bird life, and all we could hear during the night was all the droppings landing on the roof. There obviously doesn’t seem to be any water restrictions here, but regardless the van will be getting a wash every morning to get rid of the mess on the roof. This being one of the few sites in the park with a large tree above I am quite surprised that management would use this site as the main one, meaning when we arrived we were the only tourist van on situ, and surely management must know about the bird droppings problem. I haven’t said anything to them about it yet but I most certainly intend to. As I said apart from this problem the park is quite a nice one, and cheap enough. One other thing to look forward to is a park Bar-B-Que this evening, something we haven’t experienced in a caravan park for quite some time, and it will be nice to have a get-together with others, although in this case most of them will be permanents, so Linda is at the moment in town getting some meat for the evening, as all we have to do is provide our own meat.