St George, repairs done and ready to go.

Wednesday 14th October 2009, St George.

All repairs to the caravan have now been done with the following being replaced: Complete brake unit both sides, new drum on the offending side, new wheel bearings both sides, new wheel nuts and two new tyres. This was a rather expensive breakdown repair, but at least now we know everything is new and can head off, hopefully, feeling a lot more confident. I was surprised with the condition of the brake unit that came off the good side as it looked as though it had not much wear at all, considering the unit had done in excess of 100,000 Kilometres. I am considering keeping that unit for spares, but this goes against my ideas of carrying spares as where does one draw a line at what to carry, but it is too good to throw out. The weather here is rather windy at the moment and has been rather dusty over the past couple of days, so this combined with us having nothing to do has really made us want to just pack up and move on now that we can, but we are paid up until Saturday. We can’t do any more today, as far as getting ready for a move, so I guess we will pack up tomorrow and probably make a move on Friday. This will be a day early but we did get a day free so it doesn’t matter that much.