St George, RACQ apology.

Monday 12th October 2009, St George.

It seems that I have an apology of sorts to make to RACQ after a comment I made yesterday. It seems that they do in fact cover caravan towing in that situation, so I have no idea why the rep I was talking to told me otherwise, maybe it has something to do with being covered by a different state. I will be making a report to RACQ about the incident. The mechanic has been to survey the damage and the result seems to be a complete replacement of the braking system on both sides, no point in just doing one side, and a new brake drum on the offending side. It also seems that now I don’t have two tyres of the same brand I may have to purchase two new tyres as well, all existing ones are 5 years old and almost used up their time life-wise anyway.