Lighning Ridge at last.

Friday 16th October 2009, Lightning Ridge.

We made our second attempt to get to Lightning Ridge today with a lot more success (See map). It was a trip with a difference: With the problems of the first attempt it couldn’t be helped that it was in our mind that something else could go wrong, I was feeling all sorts of things happening with funny little movements, but I guess after all it was just the wind being side on for most of the trip. We left St George a day early because we got sick of the wind, and guess what? It is just as bad if not worse here. We decided that because of the wind we would have to fully install the annexe, walls and all, but this is another one of those places that one needs a hammer drill to drill holes in the gravel to put the tent pegs into because it is all but impossible to drive pegs directly into it. I am half tempted to go to the local hardware shop and buy one, but can hardly justify it. We are going to be here for a week so more on the town and area later.