Sunshine Coast, planning our departure.

Thursday 3rd September 2009.

Still enjoying the warmth, well at least I am at the moment because Linda has decided to go back to Melbourne for a few days for one of the grandkids school play. We have made tentative plans on where to go when we leave here on our journey back to Melbourne for Christmas. We have decided to go back via Lightning Ridge, outback NSW near Bourke, as we haven’t been there yet and we have always had our eye on there and intended to go one day, so now is the time. This will take us partly on a route we haven’t been before and that is our intention from now on to visit somewhere we haven’t been before on our way up here each year and returning. By the time we leave here, 19th September because of school holidays and increased site fees, we will have something like 10 weeks to get to Geelong for a planned family reunion in late November, so we will have to opportunity to not make any long distance trips and stay at each place we choose for at least a week to relax and enjoy. Some of the places we intend stopping we have been to before but are looking forward to returning and having another look around.