Sunshine Coast, getting ready for our next move.

Tuesday 15th September 2009.

I am happy with the job done on ‘Tilly’, even though it wasn’t completed until Friday. They obviously sand blasted the effected area, treated and repainted it, and it now looks as though there was never a problem. It will be interesting to see whether the problems return in coming years, and by the way the local Ford dealer indicated that this was a problem in all of this model vehicle. We are now getting ready for our departure on Saturday for our journey back down south for Christmas. It is amazing how much extra work there seems to be getting ready for this move compared to any other that we have made. We have added a bike rack, again, to carry the new bikes we purchased, and this seems to be the main catalyst increasing the extra work. The satellite dish now won’t mount in its old position, and a garden hose that used to wrap around the spare wheels is now going to be a problem. Talking about the satellite dish conjures up another story: I have been pondering for the past few days a new method for mounting the dish because the bike rack took its old position, and after coming up with what seemed like an appropriate method I went off to Bunnings to purchase the required material so I would be able to undertake the task during our next few weeks of travel. When arriving home with the bits I reverted to an old habit of mine, if I have a job to do I need to do it NOW!, so I dismantled the dish and took it to the rear of the van, where I had intended to mount it, to see if it would fit and while there it fell against the bike rack and became obviously apparent that it would simply bolt to the rack. I could have kicked myself, if I could have reached my backside, for not having a good look to see if it would fit before I raced out and spent money on bits now not needed, and would you believe I opened the packs so they are now not returnable. Well this exercise, and washing the car for what could be the last time for a while, filled the day in well, now over the next couple of days we will just be doing the normal packing, but slowly as it has been a while.