Esk, with fridge problems.

Monday 21st September 2009, Esk.

We are now settled in at Esk, as much as we want to be anyway, meaning we haven’t bothered putting up the full annexe, only the roof to just enjoy the openness for a change. We wonder when the spending money bit may ease up, as the second fridge, the Waeco, has started playing up, it is starting to show similar symptoms as it did when it failed a couple of years ago. We have had the Waeco for 6 ½ years and it has been continuously in use, although I would have thought it would have lasted a bit longer than that I guess that this is not such a bad life. We were faced with a coupe of options:- 1/ find someone to repair it, and the last time it was in for repairs it took a couple of months and we don’t have that sort of time to spare as we are on the move. 2/ buy a new one, which seems like the better option, seeing the old one has cost us an average of about $120.00 per year, these fridges are not cheap, and I figured if it is going to play up every couple of years and cost us about that amount for repairs, we may as well buy a new one and hopefully get enough years at that cost trouble free. The second option was the preference and we went for a drive today to Toowoomba and purchased one. It is a 35 litre instead of the 50 we had and a little smaller in height only of the amount that wasn’t getting used anyway, and I got a good deal as it was a demo model with no packaging, so it is now in the back of the car and keeping our drinks cold again. The old one is still working, in a fashion, so we have decided to put up with it taking up extra space until we get to Melbourne, Linda will use it to keep her vegetables in, and we will decide what to do with it then.