Sunshine Coast and Roasting.

Monday 24th August 2009.

Once again we are in an area that is experiencing records in weather conditions. We have experienced this, in all sorts of forms, quite often in our travels. At the moment we are once again experiencing a mini heat-wave with very high temperatures, we were in SA last year when they experienced a record number of consecutive days in excess of 35°. Today on the Sunshine Coast the temperature reached 35°, which was the hottest day in August for quite a number of years, not only by just a percentage of a degree, but a whole 5 degrees. It was also similar in the entire South East of Queensland. Tonight we are expecting the temp. to get down to about 18° and similar records are again expected to be broken. The conditions at the moment are just topping off what has been an excellent winter, weather wise, on the Sunshine Coast this year, forgetting about the bad conditions we had in May when we had to be evacuated from the park. We are feeling sorry for friends who left the park this morning to return home, and had the heat to travel in. One in particular, Di from Tassie, had trouble putting up with anything over 20° at any time. Well, we will just have to grin and bear it.