Sunshine Coast.

Thursday 11th June 2009.

Another week has passed by and nothing is different, enjoying the sunshine, even though the evenings are a bit chilly lately, but I wouldn’t pass it up for much at all. I have been rather busy lately with a lot of people having TV reception problems, and my reputation for fixing it is obviously being spread around. There seems to be a lot of people finally realising that they have to go digital and are swapping over now, and a problem in the park at the moment is that there seems to be something around the vicinity that is causing a lot of interference with digital reception, and being on the fringe area of the local transmitters there are a lot having problems by not having a really suitable aerial system, but I am managing to get a reasonable reception for most of them, fixing faults and replacing inferior cables and such. If nothing else this work is keeping me busy and I am even learning a few things with the different equipment different people have. I have even had to purchase a new aerial myself to overcome the interference problems, because we are not in a good area ourselves, and I am hopeful that the new aerial will also overcome our reception problems in Kilmore if we choose to stay there when we return to Melbourne later in the year.