Sunshine Coast, and settled in.

Friday 1st May 2009.

We have been here for almost a week already! And enjoyed every moment of it, even if we have been busy cleaning. Linda has almost finished the spring cleaning in the van, the car has had a very good wash, and we are just about fully settled in. I had my usual flu-vac on Monday, as I have for the past 15 years or so without a problem, and would you believe that this year it seems that I have had a minor reaction to it with now having several symptoms of a cold or something. It hasn’t gotten real bad so far so I am hopeful it won’t last very long. One thing that makes this area much more enjoyable is the weather, I am noticing that our minimums the past couple of days have been equal to, or higher than, that of Hobart and Melbourne’s maximums, just goes to explain why we are here.