Marochydore, The aftermath.

Sunday 24th May 2009.

We are back home again. The weather alert turned out to be not as bad as was predicted as far as the caravan park was concerned and we were given the all clear to move back this morning. We were well looked after at Nambour, in the showground, with under cover parking with plenty of power points for all. The local Apex group even came around last night and provided a bar-b-cue meal at a very minimal cost and a good time was had by all. So as said we are now back by the beach and all is just about set up at home again, but what is left will have to wait till tomorrow as after two days of rather frantic packing and setting up again we are now a little bit knackered and could do with a bit of a rest.

Nombour after being evacuated.

Saturday 23rd May 2007, Nambour.

Things have changed a fair bit since yesterday with a day of excitement happening today. It started last night with the park management coming around and advising people that the weather was about to cut up rather rough and was expected here at about 4:00 AM with strong winds and large sees. It was apparently expected that the sees might break into the caravan park so the sites closer to the see from us were advised to vacate for a few days. I accessed the weather reports on the internet and they advised that there would be 100km winds but not due till later today so I was not worried at that stage that our setup would have any hassles handling what was to come. Then this morning the SES were roaming the park telling us that we must evacuate the park and be gone by midday as they are now expecting the rough sees and wind to coincide with a very high King tide at about 7:00 PM and were expecting the caravan park to flood. Much to our disappointment we commenced to pack up for a move to Nambour show ground, being the recommended shelter area, and after getting here we are now seeing it as another adventure as all in the park were effected and are mostly here crammed into an area together for the next few days. All it means is that, apart from things just being thrown in this morning, it is no different than us making a normal move, so in a couple of days when all is given the OK it will just mean moving back and setting up again. If nothing else this incident has bought a lot of us from the park a lot closer together, literally.

Sunshine Coast.

Friday 22nd May 2009.

Well it has been a couple of weeks since the last report, but it just goes to demonstrate how things are going this end, just enjoying ourselves and the surrounds. The weather of late has detracted something from the enjoyment though, with heaps of rain and floods and things, but we haven’t yet been personally effected. It is forecast for a little more rough stuff over the next couple of days so we will see what that brings. A friend informed us today that while setting up their annexe his wife had a fall from a stool and broke both her wrists when hitting the ground. She is at present in hospital for surgery and all we can do is offer any assistance they may need when she comes back home, but they have plenty of friends in the park so I guess all the help they need will be on hand. Now all we have to do is batten down and prepare for what is in store for the next couple of days.

Sunshine Coast.

Monday 11th May 2009.

Nothing really to report at this stage, we are just enjoying our time here in the warm weather. We are getting a little rain at the moment so the temperatures are a little cooler of a day, but at least the nights are still warm enough to not use the heater. We have been doing a few small chores, such as we have once again decided to purchase a couple of push bikes, so between looking around for the right purchase, putting them together, taking one faulty one back for replacement, and mounting yet another bike rack on the caravan we have been quite busy over the past week or so. That’s now two weeks down and about seventeen to go.

Sunshine Coast, and settled in.

Friday 1st May 2009.

We have been here for almost a week already! And enjoyed every moment of it, even if we have been busy cleaning. Linda has almost finished the spring cleaning in the van, the car has had a very good wash, and we are just about fully settled in. I had my usual flu-vac on Monday, as I have for the past 15 years or so without a problem, and would you believe that this year it seems that I have had a minor reaction to it with now having several symptoms of a cold or something. It hasn’t gotten real bad so far so I am hopeful it won’t last very long. One thing that makes this area much more enjoyable is the weather, I am noticing that our minimums the past couple of days have been equal to, or higher than, that of Hobart and Melbourne’s maximums, just goes to explain why we are here.