Wednesday 8th April 2009, Gunnedah.

Gunnedah is a very nice place, and a good caravan park, but there doesn’t seem to be much to do in the area for sightseeing apart from the few things around town, so it is a good place for a few days of not much to do. There is Lake Keepit about 40K east of town, that we went for a drive to see yesterday, and it could be quite good for a stay if one was into fishing and water sport. It has a couple of caravan parks on the lakes edge, when full, that are reasonably cheap and we thought of actually going there for a few days when we leave here but there are a couple of negatives:- the water in the lake is very low, as are all inland lakes at the moment, the sites for the caravan are a brown gravel and on a slope which could make it difficult to level it up, and the whole area seems to be covered in that horrible Bindy grass with big spiky thorns, so we have decided to give it a miss. It is unfortunate because it did initially look like a good place to sit and relax for a few days, oh well we will make up for it by possibly getting to the Sunshine Coast a few days early. I went for my usual walk around town taking photos today, one thing I am surprised I didn’t do when we were here last time, and a sign of how nice the town is by the number of pics I took.