Bingara, still in NSW.

Tuesday 14th April 2009, Bingara.

As nice a place as Gunnedah is we found we were a little lost for things to do, especially seeing we were rained in for the past couple of days, so we have now moved on to Bingara (see Map) about 170K north of Tamworth on a road known as the Fossickers Way. We had heard about Bingara from several people and decided it would be somewhere new to visit. On our way here we did think that the countryside was much better than we have seen for a while on our travels, even though the weather was rather overcast and our views were somewhat restricted. Some of the towns we passed through seemed worth a visit, so Linda was heard to say “This area looks like an area we could spend some time, in the future, just cruising and staying at these small towns