Sunshine Coast.

Monday 27th April 2009, Sunshine Coast.

After being here for three days we are almost settled in. Now we are in an area that doesn’t have water restrictions we have taken the opportunity to do a bit of washing, and the annexe walls badly needed a good wash and they have been done, but that was after the van got its first wetting by hose for at least 18 months. Those that aren’t aware of the shortage of water in a vast amount of areas around Australia may get a bit of an idea now by our lack of washing, believe me it is not because we are lazy. We still have some to go though, as Linda intends doing the inside van walls, and I have the car to do, and it will get the best all-over wash it has ever had. I also have a couple of ideas I want to try with the annexe setup so we will be busy in setup mode for a few days yet. With all this work Linda has still found time to go for her retail therapy, and we have both found time for the compulsory walks on the beach.

Sunshine Coast.

Saturday 25th April 2009, Anzac Day, Sunshine Coast.

We are finally here. We are going to take a fair bit of time to settle in this time as we have to spring clean the van and annexe. It has been something like 18 months since we have been in an area where we could use water to wash the van, being no water restrictions on the Sunshine Coast we are free now to give it a good wash. The annexe walls need a good wash as well so we intend doing them as well before we put them up. It is times like this when one finds out how fit he is, as I am now feeling a little stiff having made more arm movements today than I have in the past months, having had a nice hot shower I am now felling a bit better. Oh well more tomorrow.


Monday 20th April 2009, Ipswich.

We caught up with Kay and Adrian yesterday for a short visit and they are planning on coming here for a longer visit tomorrow. Today we had a trip back up the road to Cunningham’s Gap, the pass over the range on the road we took to get here. We stopped for a rest at the gap on our way here and noticed that there were a few walking tracks and a lookout there, so it was decided to return and have a good look. The lookout wasn’t as good as I would have expected, the view being restricted by trees, but the walks were something else. We have done several rain-forest walks in the past and this one would have to compare with the best we have done, especially seeing that it has been a while since being in a rain-forest.

Willowbank, near Ipswich.

Saturday 18th April 2009, Willowbank.

We have now made our second last move before moving to the Sunshine Coast next week to settle in for winter. We are now at Willowbank (See map) which is just south of Ipswich. It is also right next to Amberley Air Force Base, so if one knows where that is you will know where we are. Our main reason for being here is to visit Kay and Adrian who are parked at Ipswich, or close to it, with engine trouble again, their problems must be due to end soon.

Goondiwindi, Queensland.

Thursday 16th April 2009, Goondiwindi.

We have finally reached Queensland, being at Goondiwindi (See map). We have decided that we must return one day and revisit the area we have just travelled, between here and Tamworth, and have a fair bit of time so we can stop at all, if not most, of the small towns. There are quite a few nice looking towns and quite a few other things to check out. We are only interested getting to the Sunshine Coast for now, via Ipswich to visit Kay and Adrian, so all that will have to keep for the future.