Kilmore, The final day.

Monday 16th March 2009, Kilmore.

We are now almost packed ready for a move tomorrow, and none too soon as it has been rather cold here for the past few days. As nice a place as Kilmore is, it is in the hills and a bit cooler than Melbourne, especially of an evening, so it will be nice to get further north where it will hopefully be a bit warmer. We do notice the cold nowadays after following the warm weather for the past eight years, so if we do decide to settle one day it is going to be difficult to pick an area to do so.


Sunday 8th March 2009, Kilmore.

We are now winding down on our Melbourne visit and will now start getting ready for our venture north to the Sunshine Coast for Winter. Linda is at present at Matt and Lou’s for the weekend as the kids have a carnival over the weekend, and I am just about to go down there myself to pick her up. Our tentative plans are to go inland, via Albury to get the fridge fixed, then up to Orange, a city we have not yet visited, then via Sydney to Port Stephens and up the coast to Queensland. These are not steadfast plans though, as we know how plans can change. This years Melbourne visit has been one with its incidents, with the bushfires that I’m sure you all know about, and an earth-quake on Friday night. The epicentre of the quake was at Korumburra, 90K south east of Melbourne, and I even felt it at Kilmore. In fact just before 9:00PM I grabbed my torch and rushed outside to see who was out there shaking the van, not knowing it was in fact a quake until the following day. I have also been helping Matt and Narrelle with work cleaning up their block ready for building, and tomorrow will be my last chance to do any more before a few days rest prior to packing up for our move.