Thursday 26th March 2009, Orange.

We had a bit of a hectic day today, moving to Orange (see map) about 260K north east of Temora, near Bathurst. The plan was to get the fridge fixed when we arrived in Orange, and would you believe the repair shop was in the main street with no parking outside, they could have mentioned it would be difficult. After parking on a taxi rank for a while the repairers told me they had a lane-way behind the shop, so a trip around the block and reversing up the driveway put us in a position to get repairs done. The repairman was a little rough, I thought, but so long as it doesn’t cost me anything and the fridge works, what else matters. Running the fridge on 240V for a couple of days will be the only way of telling if it does work, so it is now wait and see. Then there was the caravan park:- we rang up a few days ago to see if we could get in and the answer was “Yeh plenty of room, no worries