Kilmore Bushfires.

Sunday 8th February 2009, Kilmore.

It is the day after the major bushfires in the area we are presently staying. I thought I should give a report for those who might be concerned about our safety. We are perfectly OK with the actual township of Kilmore being unaffected by the bush-fires. One of the fires is being referred to as the Kilmore fire and this is because the fire started just East of Kilmore at Kilmore East. The fire then travelled East to Southeast of Kilmore to Wandong and Kinglake etc. where most of the damage was done. We were a little concerned though, as we were not actually at home during the bad fire period, we were spending the weekend at Narrelle’s place baby-sitting. Phone calls to the caravan park did relieve us with the news of where the damage was happening. We are back home now and in making the trip back we did witness, at a distance, some of the results of the fire from a lookout on a hilltop. We will get a bit more of a closer look over the next few days as Narrelle and Matt’s new block is in the fire damaged area which was fortunately unaffected by the fire, we will be going there to continue work we were doing on the block, this is of coarse if Matt intends to continue work in the immediate future. I am at present watching the news report on the fire and can now see what to expect next time I do venture into the area to Matt’s block. It was only a couple of weeks ago I had a drive around the Mt Disappointment State Forrest that took me through Kinglake and the area most affected by this fire and I am not even considering going back now for a further look as I consider I would be too heartbroken with what I would see. I will re-iterate that Linda and I are perfectly ok and unaffected, and I am sure everyone will get the full picture of what has happened from the news reports. Our heartfelt thoughts are with all that have been affected in this tragedy.