Kilmore and thinking of leaving.

Wednesday 18th February 2009, Kilmore.

I have been thinking that it is about time to leave the Melbourne area, but Linda wants to stay for another few weeks, she is really enjoying her time with the grand kids, so it looks like a few more weeks. It is just as well we haven’t moved anyway as we would have been heading for NSW and there is bad flooding up that area right now, fires this end and floods up that end, can one believe it. We are experiencing a problem with being at Kilmore, being a small town at a distance from anything city size area, with our fridge playing up. It appears to have failed on 240 Volts and there are no service agents in the immediate area to come and fix it. It turns out that the fridge is a 3 way system, 240V/12V/gas, so it seems we will have to run it on gas until we get to somewhere like Albury, after we do leave here, where we can get someone to come and have a look at it. The main thing to consider at this time is that the warranty is getting close to expiry so one will have to get repairs done before that happens, although I have sent an email to the manufacturer explaining our predicament, so hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Again before I finish I would ask all to think of all the people affected by the bushfires in this area.