Kilmore, back to my wood cutting days.

Monday 5th January 2009, Kilmore.

I am at present re-learning all about physical work again with the wood cutting at Nelle and Matt’s block. I was surprised yesterday that Saturday’s effort didn’t stiffen me up as much as I expected, maybe there is merit in having a very hot shower straight away to relieve the stiffness. Matt left me with the chainsaw to maintain and organise a sharpening tool, after all he does work and it will give me something to do, and I did buy a file on a guide for touching up the chain. I am going to recommend to Matt what was suggested to me at the chainsaw shop, that the file will be sufficient to touch up the teeth, but an occasional sharpen by them will get it back into true shape. It was the surprise of the cost of the sharpen at only $13.80 that convinced me that it would be viable to go that way. After giving the chain a bit of a touch up and clean yesterday, and feeling free of stiffness, I decided to go back out there today and do some more, and now I really am feeling as though I have done something. Another hot shower and a days relaxation should see me fit enough to go back one day soon and finish off the little left to do, well little in the way of cutting, but there is then heaps of cleaning up and stacking the cut bits and rubbish etc. It is all fun though, bringing back the times when I used to cut our fire-wood, and I really do need the exercise, even though when I am finished it will probably be years before I do something similar again. We had a minor scare over the weekend when I tried to access my super account to check how it is going only to be told that the account number I was submitting did not exist. Naturally one does think of the worst scenario under the circumstances, but a phone call this morning revealed what I suspected was the problem, that my password needed resetting after a computer hiccup, so now is all back as it was much to our relief.