Thursday 22nd January 2009, Kilmore.

I have learned a lesson over the past week or so regarding servicing of ‘Tilly’ the truck. Let me put the reminder that this is basically the first new vehicle I have ever owned, with the exception that it was a demo vehicle before I bought it, and it is also the first diesel car I have ever owned. In the past twelve months of owning the vehicle I have been in areas when the services were due where there were no Ford dealers, so I used other mechanics for the services. When these were done my stipulation was that the services were to be book services thinking that if they weren’t fully familiar with the service requirements that they would look at my book, which was made available, but I have now learned that this was not the case as it has become apparent that several things have not been done in the previous services that were required. One very important thing was a check on valve clearance adjustments at 20K, and it was not done. I have since learned that this in particular is very important with diesel engines. I was also under the misbelief that dealers would probably be more expensive. After having several conversations with the local Ford dealers over the past couple of weeks here at Kilmore I have now decided that it is almost imperative that services be done at a dealer as they do have quality assurances to comply with when doing services so they will be done correctly and thoroughly, and it turns out they aren’t any more expensive than any other mechanic, with me also being happier that a proper job is done. So after having the car serviced at the local dealer today, from now on I will make a big effort to use dealers for servicing in the future, after all if I expect a long life from the vehicle the servicing has to be done properly.