Saturday 3rd January 2008, Kilmore.

It’s been a while again but it is not as if we have been idly doing nothing, we have been spending time with family as we don’t get to see them often. Son Adrian is over from Tassie and has spent time with his sister Narrelle and with us, and he is at present at Geelong with other rellies until he returns back here for a few days before going back home on Saturday. Narrelle and son-in-law Matt have finally taken possession of their block of land and today I spent some time their helping rid the land of a few trees in readiness for building. I now reckon I am going to be stiff and sore tomorrow as I no doubt exercised a few muscles I haven’t used for a fair while. We have left some work there to do, so I can go back during next week and do some more, it’s all good exercise that I do really need.