Stawell and rained in.

Friday 12th December 2008, Stawell.

Not much to report at this stage as we are just basically filling in time while we are rained in. Not that we could do much anyway as after the other day with the strenuous walk I have some blisters on my feet. Funny actually as I fully expected that my legs would be stiff and sore but there was no sign of that at all, only the blisters, must be because I only wore one pair of socks with my boots instead of the usual two pair. The offending boot does have a wear fault that caused the blister so if in future two pairs of socks doesn’t work it looks as if a new pair of boots will be the only option. We are at present giving a lot of thought as to where we are going to stay while in the Melbourne area, what with the stock market crash, and like wise our super, we are trying to find somewhere cheaper than where we usually stay. Our usual park has gotten rid of the long term sites we usually use, or at least converted them to tourist sites, so consequently their prices are a lot dearer than usual and are just out of our affordable range. At this point it is looking like somewhere like Kilmore about 30K further north, where their prices are much more inviting, to the point that with the extra travel and fuel costs we will be a lot better off. We are to still to have a look at the park at Kilmore before we make a final decision, but we may have to accept what they offer anyway.