Norseman, about to takle the Nullabor again.

Chapter 50. On our way back East.

Monday 3rd November 2008, Norseman.

We are intending to move on to cross the Nullarbor tomorrow and intend camping out for the first night near Caiguna, half way between here and Eucla, so note that we will be out of mobile range for the next two days, we should have coverage when we reach Eucla. As I have mentioned long ago, and on the home page, these postings on the blog are a direct extract from my Memoirs and as a matter of interest I have now just started chapter 50, makes me realise how long we have been travelling. The weather has at last started to pick up with warm temperatures today, so I do hope it keeps up at least until we reach Adelaide, it will be bad enough crossing the Nullarbor as it is without it raining as well. We did end up having an extra day here at Norseman due to a little incident yesterday: Linda was to change the sheets on the bed and when she got under the bed to get the clean ones she notices the several bottles of beer we had purchased for a belated birthday present for Matthew had not handled the travelling very well and had leaked, so she missed out on her day for relaxing hence another day here to provide her with that day of not much to do. She is presently outside, with a book, enjoying the sunshine.