Kimba. The town.

Monday 10th November 2008, Kimba.

Another 300K plus sees us at a small town half way across the Eyre Peninsula of Kimba (see map). There are a couple of nice little towns along the top road across the Eyre Peninsula that seemed worth a short visit, but at the moment all we are interested in is getting to Adelaide so they will just have to keep. Kimba is just one of those towns and was at our maximum distance we are prepared to travel, hence the stop-over here. We will be here for two days, but are now wondering why we booked in for two days as we are thinking of changing our next destination to another small town near Port Pirie called Melrose. Kay and Adrian stayed there on their way across earlier in the year and gave rave reviews about the town so we are thinking of going a little out of our way. If we do go there we would be staying for a couple of days so, if that will be the case, their was no need to stop here for the two days, oh well it will be another restful day tomorrow anyway. Kimba’s ‘catch phrase’ is “half way across Australia