Keith, SA.

Friday 28th November 2008, Keith.

Here it is over a full week since I have written a report: It just goes to show how we enjoyed our stay at Adelaide, we still didn’t do anything at all while there but the time seemed to just disappear. It has come time though to move on as we only have two and a half weeks to get to Melbourne, I don’t know how we are going to manage it, so now we are in residence at Keith, on the main highway, Dukes Hwy, about 260K from Adelaide. We were contemplating staying here for four days or so, even though we only paid for two so far, but there doesn’t seem to be a great deal to do here so a days touring tomorrow may just see us out, in fact it took us ages to even find the tourist information centre which turned out to be only a shelf of pamphlets in a local restaurant. Keith does seem to be a nice enough small town though, and you never know we may decide to stay here and rest a little more.