Friday 14th November 2008, Adelaide.

We are finally in Adelaide. (see map) We are grateful that the Nullarbor trip is over and we fully intend stopping here for at least two weeks and rest a while. We are rather disappointed with the WA trip we have just had: As I have mentioned before we had a collection of misfortunes occur during the year that limited our travel plans for WA hence there were areas we didn’t get to see that we wanted to. We did enjoy what we did get to do and see and have at least been over there now and have an idea of what the state is like, if we get to go back in the future, which may be unlikely, we will at least know what to expect and will know of areas we would want to visit. From here on for a while, maybe a couple of years, our travels will be limited somewhat as we must try to save money due to the financial crunch now happening and wait for super to once again pick up. We will be moving around a little so these reports will continue, even though they might be a little more infrequent.