Stawell, Victoria.

Sunday 30th November 2008, Stawell, Victoria.

We only stayed at Keith for the two days, it looked like rain for the next few days and there didn’t seem to be a great deal to do so we have now moved on to Stawell in Victoria. (see map) We are a bit undecided what to do, or where to go, from here, we were thinking of Bendigo for a week but we may just stay here for the two weeks. It also looks like rain here for the next few days and we do intend seeing a fair bit of the Grampians so we will stay for as long as it take to see it. The caravan park we are in is on the edge of a lake with plenty of bird life, and we are backed up right against it, so it will not take a great deal to occupy our time looking out over the lake if the weather is not conducive to sightseeing. It is a very reasonable price here also, so we could save a bit by staying here anyway.

Keith, SA.

Friday 28th November 2008, Keith.

Here it is over a full week since I have written a report: It just goes to show how we enjoyed our stay at Adelaide, we still didn’t do anything at all while there but the time seemed to just disappear. It has come time though to move on as we only have two and a half weeks to get to Melbourne, I don’t know how we are going to manage it, so now we are in residence at Keith, on the main highway, Dukes Hwy, about 260K from Adelaide. We were contemplating staying here for four days or so, even though we only paid for two so far, but there doesn’t seem to be a great deal to do here so a days touring tomorrow may just see us out, in fact it took us ages to even find the tourist information centre which turned out to be only a shelf of pamphlets in a local restaurant. Keith does seem to be a nice enough small town though, and you never know we may decide to stay here and rest a little more.


Thursday 20th November 2008, Adelaide.

I can’t believe we have been here for a week already, just goes to show haw time fly’s when you are enjoying yourself. The weather has not been very conducive for going out since we have been here so we have done basically nothing at all, and we have enjoyed it. I have done a couple of small chores, like relocate our water pump from one side of the van to the other and rerun some water pipe, but that didn’t take long, so we are surprised how quickly the time has disappeared. Another week to go and the forecast is a little better for the next week so that will be a lot better.

Adelaide, and enjoying the rest.

Monday 17th November 2008, Adelaide.

After being in Adelaide for a few days now it is apparent that out attitude toward travelling has changed, more to what it was before we went to WA, to a relaxed attitude. We are enjoying the rest after the lengthy travels and realise now that future travels won’t, and don’t have to be of any length, back to what we are accustomed to. I say again that we did enjoy what we did and saw in WA, but I guess it was always in the back of our minds that we were still in for some lengthy travels, and neither of us enjoy long distances, so this must have been the primary reason for not collectively over-enjoying our WA travels. We are now very much looking forward to the leisurely travels that we are accustomed to, and have been for the past 8 years.


Saturday 15th November 2008, Adelaide.

The caravan park we are in at present is the Adelaide Shores at West Beach, and since being here we have been reminded of why we just came back here without thinking of elsewhere. This park would have to be the best value for money park we have ever stayed at, it’s charges are comparative with other capital cities, but it provides seventh day free unlike most other capital city parks which makes it much better value. It provides everything that anybody would want in a caravan park, with the exception that at the moment there is not a shopping centre within walking distance, but that is about to change with one being opened next month just a large block away. One thing I noticed in the park today, that probably only caravanners would appreciate, was when I checked out the sewer dump point and noticed that they even had a wash basin with soap provided at the point. This is something that we have not seen provided at any caravan park we have ever stayed at.