Hyden, Wave Rock.

Monday 27th October 2008, Hyden, Wave Rock.

We are finally getting some warmer weather, almost thinking of turning on the air-con, it is nice for a change not having to run the heater of an evening. We went to Wave Rock today and also did the long walk around the area, we have now made up for the lack of exercise lately. Wave Rock is a bit smaller than I imagined, then I was probably misled by some of the advertising photos seen over the past couple of months, but it was certainly worth the trip to see it. The rock is actually called Hyden Rock, but publicity calls it Wave Rock, the wave section is only a small section of the entire rock, and another small attraction called Hippo’s Yawn looks just like its name suggests.

081027-wave-rock-009.jpg. Wave Rock Enlarge.

081027-wave-rock-038.jpg. Hippos Yawn Enlarge.

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