Friday 31st October 2008, Coolgardie.

We went for a trip into Kalgoorlie today as we had planned and what a day: We have been watching the weather in this area for the past few weeks and have been waiting to get into the 30-35 degree days, and what did we get, a day of very strong winds and rain, for the first time in ages according to the locals. We did get the opportunity to do the things we had intended though, even though it was hard to put up with the weather conditions. The Super Pit was well worth the visit, even in the gale force winds. They have a lookout over the pit that gives a very good view of it, but it is high up and the wind blew like nothing else. We were also fortunate to witness a blasting in the mine, the first they have had for a few days. I also had my usual walk around town taking photos, this time while Linda was doing her last decent shop before we get to Adelaide. The buildings were what we expected, being old and in very good condition, the streets were very wide, among the widest ever seen in any city. Even though the weather was shocking the trip was well worth it and we do not mind only having had one day to see it.