Tuesday 21st October 2008, Collie.

Today was the day to visit Wellington Dam National Park and do some bush-walking, but again when we awoke it was raining. We decided to go there for a drive anyway and it was just as well we did, because we saw something that really made the days travel worthwhile. Let’s backtrack a little: Last night we were talking to some other travellers and while talking about where we had been they referred us to a couple of things to see while here, eg Gnomesville. Not knowing exactly where these places were, and not having enough time, we sort of brushed the idea of them aside. Today while looking around the National Park another tourist asked us if we knew where Gnomesville was, seeing it was in the nearby area, our response was that we had no idea. While then looking at the N.P. map to see where to go to next I noticed that Gnomesville rated a mention and it was very close to where we were about to go, so it was now added to our list. We had heard that at Gnomesville there is a big round-about where someone some years ago placed a gnome, and since then other people have added others to accumulate a gathering of them, but when we arrived we could hardly believe what we saw. We found the round-about, in the middle of nowhere, and saw nothing, but in the bush to the left there they were. Spread around the bush were literally hundreds of gnomes with plaques, and the area was worked so one could easily walk around the display and peruse the scenery. I had originally thought that Gnomesville was a township, but it turns out just to be a small village purely of gnomes on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. View some pics on my Flickr site. Back to the National Park: Even though we didn’t get to do any bush-walking we did enjoy the drive and the scenery that was on offer.