Collie/Day 2.

Friday 17th October 2008, Collie.

Collie is quite a nice place having some well kept old buildings, and also quite a few things to do. There are several river walks, several dams nearby apparently quite scenic, one of which is in a National Park that also offers several bush walks that we are looking forward to. There is also a coal mine in the centre of town that is not an actual mine but one specially built for tourism, we are also looking forward to looking at that. The only problem with all this sight-seeing is the weather forecast: it seems that most days over the next week are forecast for rain. It would be a pity if we were to miss much of the area because of rain, then this is what we have put up with most of the time in the south western corner of WA as it does seem to rain here quite a bit, even though the locals reckon they don’t get enough. Oh well that’s life and we can only take what we get.