Collie/Bunbury visit.

Monday 20th October 2008, Collie.

Today we had intended going to Wellington Dam National Park, but when we awoke to a thunder storm passing close by we decided to have a trip into Bunbury for a look. Bunbury Is about 55K away, on the coast, and it wouldn’t have mattered if it rained because we only intended having a look around. Bunbury area, like the rest of the total area of the coast of WA, is dead flat with a mountain range about 10-15K inland, this range extends the total length of the coast. Very close to the shore in the middle of the city are two smallish hills with lookouts on each, but one lookout is different to any lookout I have seen throughout our travels. The local Rotarians have built a lookout tower on top of one of the hills, at about 20-30 feet high this tower gives a magnificent view of the entire city area and to a distance beyond. This gave me an idea spot to take some photos of the city as we weren’t going to be here long and these should give me some memories of the city in future. When we did first arrive at Bunbury we both were heard to say “Why didn’t we stay here instead of Collie