Toodyay, town walk.

Tuesday 23rd September 2008, Toodyay.

Sometimes I amaze myself with walking around town taking photos: I did my usual today around Toodyay and what I thought was just an average shoot in a small town turned out to be 150 shots, maybe the old buildings were more interesting than I thought. There are some quite old buildings in the town, it seems that after Perth this was one of the earliest settled towns in the area. One thing that did strike me was Connors Mill, this is an old mill and has been restored to working condition. This actually means all the old machinery is actually in working motion. I guess being restored it would not actually work, but it really looks effective. One other attraction of the town is an event that has not long passed, being the Avon races. The local river is the Avon and flows from much further inland all the way to Perth, and this time of year when there is generally more water flowing they have boat races, of many types including canoes to powered boats, from Northam to Perth. There must have been a reasonable flow when they had the race because this year I heard that it was a better event than recent years, but there is not much water flowing at the moment.