Moora, New Norcia.

Tuesday 2nd September 2008, Moora.

New Norcia: We went there today and were, especially Linda, very surprised with what we saw. It was similar to what we expected, but to a much greater degree. This is a town that was built by Monks 150 odd years ago to educate the local aborigines and it extended into something rather colossal. Linda was the one that was really impressed with the whole thing as it is more her style of attraction.

Some real good news today from Adrian of Adrian and Kay who were travelling with us earlier in the year. He had another test recently for his medical condition and was today given the all clear, so they are now feeling greatly relieved.


Monday 1st September 2008, Moora.

A funny story concerning Peter: All the time we were together looking at the wild flowers Peter had his eye out for a flower called a Kangaroo’s Paw and only found what he thought was such a plant but had no flowers. While we were walking the Mullewa walking trail, almost at its end, Peter for some reason went for a stroll off the track into the bush and actually stumbled on his Kangaroo’s Paw. The only thing was that it was an actual animals paw after it had been severed from an actual animal, not what he was actually looking for, but it did create a bit of a laugh amongst us all. It was very enjoyable spending some time with Peter and Vicki, but they have now gone their own way again on their way home.

We have now moved onto Moora, about 300K south (see map) and will be here for a few days. We are hopeful of seeing more wild flowers while here and hopefully some different ones. Linda has other things she wants to see as well, such as a town called New Norcia, I will give details on this town later.