Mandurah, ready to move.

Thursday 18th September 2008, Mandurah.

I have for the past couple of days been preparing for a move tomorrow. The weather forecast for this week has not been very good so I took the opportunity on Tuesday to pack up the annexe and put up our small roof so I could have at least a little shelter from the rain. It was just as well I did take this action as it has been raining and I have now gotten the good annexe packed away dry. The small one won’t matter if it is pulled down wet as it is likely that this is the one I will put up when I get where I am going, which brings me to a point of where I am going: Ever since I have been compiling my TV records I have noticed a place called Toodyay in the Perth vicinity and have noticed that it has all the Perth stations transmitted in its local area, and digital as well. This led me to believe that it was a suburb of Perth and this transmitter was covering a black spot with the Perth main transmitter, but I have since found that Toodyay is a small town with a population of only several hundred and is about 100 kilometres East of Perth. I have since been wondering what this small town has that no other has that qualifies it for such TV transmissions, so tomorrow I am moving there to find out. It so happens that Toodyay is close to other much larger towns like Northam and York which I want to have a look at anyway so the move will serve several purposes. It then all depends on when Linda returns from Melbourne as to whether I remain there for her return, or whether I move on to somewhere else.

I have enjoyed the company of Les and Jan, and Kay and Adrian while here, but they both look as though they are going to be tied down to this area for more medical treatment, so I have decided to part company and have a little look around. Adrian has been given a clean bill of health with his problems, but now it is Kay’s turn to need treatment, I do wish them all the best, and we should catch up with them again after Linda returns and we once again make a move down this way.