Monday 29th September 2008, Toodyay.

Went for a drive today to Avon Valley National Park for a look. The NP didn’t have a lot to offer, but there was one reasonable lookout of the Avon valley, or a short section of it, and there were some wild flowers, but I am now getting to the point that wild flowers are now becoming a norm and don’t over excite me any more.

I have made a decision in protest to the charges at this caravan park by making a move back to Perth on Thursday. The park I stayed at before is actually cheaper than this one, and if I am in there it will save me a couple of return trips from here, so it is basically a win-win situation. I will stay there until Linda returns, and then for a further week until we decide where we are going. If she does return this Thursday I should be in there in time to park the van before I pick her up from the airport. I am actually foregoing a days rent by leaving a day early but I figure the savings I will make by doing so will easily make up for it.

I have failed to find any reason for what gives Toodyay the privilege of having the TV transmissions as previously stated, so I guess it must be just coincidence, or maybe some very high ranking official of something lives here?

Toodyay, Grand final day.

Saturday 27th September 2008, Toodyay.

I am a little put off with the weather of late in this area, with the rain we have had recently, and the forecast being for more over the next week. It looks reasonably fine at the moment but one doesn’t want to go anywhere because of the possibility of rain. It is just as well there is footy and motor sport on telly this weekend to give me something to do. I don’t often watch the VFL grand final but I am watching it as I put down these words and it so far has been a good game.

It will be interesting to see what we decide to do when Linda returns as we are thinking of calling it quits with WA and heading back east almost immediately.

Toodyay, For anothe week.

Thursday 25th September 2008, Toodyay.

The same old thing with caravan parks has happened to me once again: I went to the office today to pay for another week, as I have decided to stay here until Linda returns from Melbourne, mainly due to the cheap rates they quoted me. Oh, they said, our peak period starts tomorrow and the rate has now increased by $50.00 per week. This happens too much, not telling people the rates are due to increase until it is time. I had originally thought of moving somewhere else but being about half the rate here as anywhere else I had thought of going to, I decided I may as well stay here. The higher rates here are still cheaper than elsewhere so I will still stay here, but no matter how much arguing on this matter the park owners always stringently defend themselves and their decision, they have got us right where they want us and there is nothing we can do about it. It annoys me that the reason for the peak period is ‘school holidays’, but I am not here because it is school holidays, I am here because I just chose to come here.

On a lighter note: I went for a drive yesterday to a small town I had heard a bit about called York, being a town that has preserved its old buildings. This is true as the old buildings are really in good condition, and as several other towns in this area they boast being the first settled inland town in WA. There is also a good motor museum in the town that is well worth a look at, it is not very large but they do have some very good displays.

The weather here has been a little erratic since I have been here with Monday and Tuesday nights being extremely cold, with Monday night being the coldest September night on record, then yesterday I even thought of turning on the air-conditioner it was that warm. Today it has turned to rain, and looks like lasting for a few days, so it looks like a rest period for me.

Toodyay, town walk.

Tuesday 23rd September 2008, Toodyay.

Sometimes I amaze myself with walking around town taking photos: I did my usual today around Toodyay and what I thought was just an average shoot in a small town turned out to be 150 shots, maybe the old buildings were more interesting than I thought. There are some quite old buildings in the town, it seems that after Perth this was one of the earliest settled towns in the area. One thing that did strike me was Connors Mill, this is an old mill and has been restored to working condition. This actually means all the old machinery is actually in working motion. I guess being restored it would not actually work, but it really looks effective. One other attraction of the town is an event that has not long passed, being the Avon races. The local river is the Avon and flows from much further inland all the way to Perth, and this time of year when there is generally more water flowing they have boat races, of many types including canoes to powered boats, from Northam to Perth. There must have been a reasonable flow when they had the race because this year I heard that it was a better event than recent years, but there is not much water flowing at the moment.


Saturday 20th September 2008, Toodyay.

I had a general look around the area today, and as far as Northam. Northam is only about 25K from here and is a much larger town, so this is where I would intend doing most of my shopping while here. I also checked out the caravan park while in there and have decided that I may as well stay here as the price is dearer and it didn’t seem to give me that comfortable feeling. I haven’t yet seen anything special about Toodyay to justify what I mentioned the other day, but I will be here for a while.