Monday 25th August 2008, Geraldton.

We went for a drive today back up the road about 50K to a town, Northampton, that we passed through on the way back down south on Thursday. When we went north from here we turned off the highway at Northampton to go to Kalbarri and didn’t see anything of the town. When we came back on Thursday we passed through the town and thought it a quite nice old town, so we thought it worth a visit back there for a look around. We also had a look at a beach close by, Coronation Beach, and yet again we discovered a camp ground, there are plenty of them by beaches around this area. The return journey saw us go via a back road through the Chapman Valley. This is another area where some wild flowers are growing, and at times it was had to tell the difference between a massive yellow paddock of them and a paddock of a seeded crop with similar coloured flowers. It should be interesting when we leave here and go inland where the wildflowers are supposed to be abundant and more spectacular than areas we have already seen.