Geraldton again.

Thursday 21st August 2008, Geraldton.

I really like the way we change our minds about travel plans at the drop of a hat: We left Carnarvon this morning with the idea of stopping at a rest area at Nerren Nerren overnight because it was too far to go to Geraldton in one trip. We had a chance to check out the rest area on our way up so we knew it was OK, but when we arrived there the weather had turned somewhat sour for the first time in the past month. It was overcast, so possible rain, it was windy, so possibly cold without power to heat us up, so the decision was made to go all the way even though I keep saying I will never travel that distance in a day again. I must be getting used to it though, as I do not feel too bad at the moment after doing it. Our trips are now getting much more interesting as well, with the wild-flower season now being in full swing, and this is probably the reason the trip was not so boring today. Western Australia is renowned for its wild-flowers and this year they are supposed to be much better that recent years because of the rain that has been received in the area this year, and the drought that has hit the land over the past few years. This being the case it is expected that the flowers will bloom prolifically this season, and it seems as though they already are.