Saturday 30th August 2008, Mullewa.

So ends a relaxing week at Geraldton. We have now once again met up with Peter and Vicki, from Tassie, and have travelled inland with them for a few days to check out the wild flowers. Mullewa is 100 kilometres east of Geraldton (see map), and is reputed to be one of the better areas to see the flowers. We have had a look around today and are quite impressed with what we have seen. We have been given an extra treat being at Mullewa this weekend as they have had a wild flower show at the town hall that concluded today, and the town show was also on today and we were treated to a fire-works display this evening as we are camped across the road from the show grounds. The wild flowers are definitely something to see when in the area as they can be seen over an extremely large area of the state, they don’t appear as just the odd flower here and there, they come in paddocks and paddocks of them. I dare say that we will be seeing quite a bit more of the flowers over the coming week or two until we get down to Perth area. It also happens that because of the dry weather over the past couple of years, and the rain they have had here recently, this year is reportedly the best wild flower season they have had for decades.


Monday 25th August 2008, Geraldton.

We went for a drive today back up the road about 50K to a town, Northampton, that we passed through on the way back down south on Thursday. When we went north from here we turned off the highway at Northampton to go to Kalbarri and didn’t see anything of the town. When we came back on Thursday we passed through the town and thought it a quite nice old town, so we thought it worth a visit back there for a look around. We also had a look at a beach close by, Coronation Beach, and yet again we discovered a camp ground, there are plenty of them by beaches around this area. The return journey saw us go via a back road through the Chapman Valley. This is another area where some wild flowers are growing, and at times it was had to tell the difference between a massive yellow paddock of them and a paddock of a seeded crop with similar coloured flowers. It should be interesting when we leave here and go inland where the wildflowers are supposed to be abundant and more spectacular than areas we have already seen.

Geraldton again.

Thursday 21st August 2008, Geraldton.

I really like the way we change our minds about travel plans at the drop of a hat: We left Carnarvon this morning with the idea of stopping at a rest area at Nerren Nerren overnight because it was too far to go to Geraldton in one trip. We had a chance to check out the rest area on our way up so we knew it was OK, but when we arrived there the weather had turned somewhat sour for the first time in the past month. It was overcast, so possible rain, it was windy, so possibly cold without power to heat us up, so the decision was made to go all the way even though I keep saying I will never travel that distance in a day again. I must be getting used to it though, as I do not feel too bad at the moment after doing it. Our trips are now getting much more interesting as well, with the wild-flower season now being in full swing, and this is probably the reason the trip was not so boring today. Western Australia is renowned for its wild-flowers and this year they are supposed to be much better that recent years because of the rain that has been received in the area this year, and the drought that has hit the land over the past few years. This being the case it is expected that the flowers will bloom prolifically this season, and it seems as though they already are.


Monday 18th August 2008, Carnarvon.

How time flies when you are enjoying yourself: I can’t believe it has been a week since I have entered anything onto record, and it is also hard to believe we have been in Carnarvon for almost a month now, considering that there really isn’t that much to do in the area. I guess with the warm weather and occasional sight-seeing, it has been a nice place to relax and not do much. We are expecting friends Peter and Vicky, ex work mates from Tassie, to turn up here today. They have been on a trip of WA from the top to the bottom and are due here any time now, it will be nice to catch up with them again.

It is about time we up anchor again and start heading south again, seeing the weather is once again warming up. We are paid up until Thursday, the same day as Peter and Vicky are leaving, so we will leave then day for a three odd week trip to the Perth area and then take things from there.

Carnarvon, Quobba.

Monday 11th August 2008, Carnarvon.

Our WA disillusionment was again abated today when we went for a drive to Quobba station, about 70K north of Carnarvon. This is an area on the coast and features Blow-holes, good camping areas and spectacular coastal scenery. The blow-holes would have to be among the best we have seen so far, featuring several holes in the rock with water blowing through to a hight greater than we had seen before. While we were there taking photos Linda notices a whale frolicking in the water about 20 metres off the shoreline and she was nearly on the shoreline. Again she was heard to say “We have waited 8 years to see a whale and here they are again