Wednesday 9th July 2008, Geraldton.

We went for what was probably our last tourist drive here yesterday to an area called Greenough, pronounced Gren-off. Greenough is about 20 K south of Geraldton and is an early settlement area for this district. The difference here is that a lot of the old original buildings, although most are now unused, are still kept in good condition for the tourist to inspect. One section being the original settlement village having several buildings was well worth a tour around, and a reasonable price.

It is looking like rain again for the next few days so it now looks like some more relaxation until we pack up and move next week.


Friday 4th July 2008, Geraldton.

All week has passed without a report: That’s because I was right, Geraldton is a rather lay back place with not a great deal to do and see in the district apart from what is around town itself. We still haven’t done much at all due to bad weather on and off, and enjoying the relaxation. The length of our stay here is up in the air at the moment because of school holidays and consequently caravan parks here, and further up the coast where we intend travelling, are rather full, and we may not be able to get into those towns, so if all else fails we will stay here a bit longer. Even though it has been raining and stormy on occasions the temperatures are not so bad at the moment.


Tuesday 1st July 2008, Geraldton.

We got trapped trying to leave Jurien as we chose to stay another day because it looked like rain on packing up day, Saturday, and it didn’t. Sunday looked like a fine day so we chose to pack up for a move on Monday, would you believe half way through packing it started raining. None the less we did manage to get most of the packing done on Sunday, but the awning roof had to wait until Monday morning. The walls were a little damp when we packed them but they were only going to be in the bags over night.

We did finally move on to Geraldton, 200K further north, (see Map) and it seems to be a little warmer already. Our introduction to Geraldton wasn’t without its dramas though with a somewhat typical action from some caravan parks: We did our usual thing before moving to a city with a choice of parks and rang them for a quote as price is usually the final decision maker. We did make a choice and when booking in the price given was higher than the quote I had obtained and the answer was:- “Tomorrow is the start of our peak season