Tuesday 5th July 2008, Kalbarri.

We are now at Kalbarri, about 150K north of Geraldton (See map), and were a little disappointed with today’s travels. We had heard a lot about the new road to Kalbarri from Northampton along part of the coast south of Kalbarri being very scenic, but the weather has turned nasty again and it detracted from what was to offer. As we normally do we will be returning along the road to do the touristy thing on a finer day so we might get to appreciate it more then. I did have the caravan on the back today and I admit I do not see much when I am towing anyway. Although we have only been here for a few hours we are getting the feeling of liking the place, so that is a good start.

Day three of no smoking and I concede it is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I have often wanted to take it up again but there isn’t much of a chance when there are no places to buy any.

Finally it seems we are back in an area with decent water. Ever since we have been in WA we have hated the water, no matter how much we filter it we just can’t get rid of the taste, so the next couple of days will be interesting when we do start drinking filtered water from here.