Kalbarri National Park Gorges.

Monday 21st July 2008, Kalbarri.

A trip to the Gorges in the national Park was the order of the day, and they were somewhat of a surprise. The Murchison River, that formed the gorges, is an extremely long river running far from inland. The soil around this area is mainly sandstone so the gorges stretch for a very long section of the river with some of the better views at the mouth end, Kalbarri, hence the National Park. Once again taking photos does not capture the true beauty of the scenery of the gorges, but I have included some on Flickr. Linda and her height phobia prevented us from doing a walk around one section of the gorge. The walk stretched along a cliff face for a fair length before winding around a section of the gorge called ‘The Loop’ which is a section that almost forms a circle of 8 Kilometres, hence we were looking forward to doing the walk. The track traversed along the edge of the very high and sheer cliff face which was just too much for Linda’s fear of heights, so we gave the walk a miss, the scenery we did see was certainly enough so as not to disappoint us at all.