Kalbarri, Hut River Province.

Friday 18th July 2008, Kalbarri.

It was forecast for severe stormy weather from south of Kalbarri all the way round the coast to Esperance today, so I figured we were going to cop some as well. We figured even though it was very windy we could have a venture back down the road about 60K to visit the Hut River Province. We can now say we have been there, and as small as it is that is probably all I could say about it.

We have heard stories about WA being one of the windiest places on earth, and now believe every word. On the way back we had a look at a section of the Kalbarri National Park coastline while the weather looked fine enough. Although we had decided to wait for a finer weather to return to take photos we decided to look at the furthest section from Kalbarri to save making the trip back there again. I figured that the bad weather would still give me some reasonable shots anyway, until we got there and found out how strong the wind was. The area in this National Park is known for its cliff face formations along the shoreline for about 30K south of Kalbarri, and the wind was coming from the west straight up the cliff faces. If one had fallen over the edge I reckon the wind was strong enough to just blow him straight back up onto land, and I am not kidding. We had much difficulty in walking against the wind towards the lookouts on the edge of the cliffs, but when we got there it was that strong coming straight up the cliffs it was near impossible to hold a camera still enough to take any pictures. We did keep clicking though and I did get a few decent shots. When I get some more decent shots in fine weather I will post some on the web site and Flickr.