Tuesday 22nd July 2008, Kalbarri.

We had our return visit to the cliffs along the shoreline south of Kalbarri to take the photos I skipped the other day because the weather was too bad. It was one of those situations where I took heaps of photos because of all the different rock formations, and I have posted some of the shots on Flickr. We have now seen most of what we intended here so it is time to move on again, even though this is quite a nice place. We intend moving on to Carnarvon and have found out that bookings there are imperative as they are so busy. This means we will be moving on Thursday and will be travelling the total of the 460K’s distance in one day. Some might think that 460K is not much, especially if you are from the mainland, but remember that we are from Tassie and it is hard getting used to travelling long distances, and if one attempted to travel that distance in Tassie one would fall over the edge.