Geraldton and ran out of tobacco.

Saturday 12th July 2008, Geraldton.

The moment of truth has finally arrived: I have mentioned before that I had made the statement when leaving Melbourne that when I run out of tobacco and can’t purchase any more I will give up smoking, rather than get someone to post me some, well that moment has arrived. I have just enjoyed the last smoke I had and no longer have any tobacco, so the next few days will be interesting. Linda is the one who is dreading this time as she seems to think that I am now going to be intolerable to live with, but I think that it won’t be much of a drama as I have been telling myself for so long now that this moment was going to eventuate, and it now has.

We have enjoyed our relaxing time at Geraldton and in a couple of days it is once again time to pull up stakes and move on. It could be an interesting time to travel this area of WA as it is now that the wild flowers start to bloom, and we are in the area to witness it. We are looking forward to our next stop at Kalbarri as we have heard so much about it, and there seems as though there will be a fair bit to do around the National Parks which have plenty of gorges and bush walks.