Jurien Bay

Thursday 26th June 2008, Jurien Bay.

We went for a drive to Mt Lesueur Nat Park today, even though it is out of wild-flower season. We are now in the wild-flower district, but they don’t occur in full splendour for a few months yet. This national parks main feature is its wild-flowers so it would be quite a spectacle in season. We did see some flowers, obviously some come out early, and if these are an example of what to expect in the season then I am not surprised why people rave about them and insist we cannot visit the area without seeing them. I do intend posting some pics on the web site, and flickr, but not now, I will wait until the season when I should get some better ones.

Over the past couple of days we have also visited some of the smaller towns in the district and have decided that any of them, so far, would be worthy of a stay sometime, if one had the time. The main reason we chose Jurien was because it is the largest in the area.