Perth / Gwelup

Sunday 4th May 2008, Perth.

Gwelup is the suburb we are low living in, and will be here for the duration of our Perth visit. We made the move this morning and already we feel a lot happier. Kurrinyup Waters Resort is the name of the caravan park we are currently at, and it does offer a lot more than where we were: busses at the front gate, walking distance to shopping centres, a very neat and well laid out park with a lake at the rear. It also has a lot more fellow travellers rather than permanents so should be a lot more friendly with a better chance of me meeting others especially when I am on my own. At 5:00 PM and we are setup so I guess tomorrow will primarily be checking out the local area and shopping, then one day very soon I guess we will check out the public transport with the idea of using it for most of our touring while here.